Case Studies

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AlgoSec have a number of case studies from telecomms, banks and other industries explaining how they were able to increase productivity, improve security as well as gain visibility and control over complex network infrastructure.  There's also a case study on how Managed Service Providers can implement AlgoSec products to not only improve network security of their customers, but also provides additional revenue streams.

Go to the AlgoSec case studies page to learn more.


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CyberArk is trusted by some of the world's largest organisations from banks to pharmaceuticals, airlines and more.  Learn how these customers controls access to their most privileged accounts, effectively controlling the keys to their kingdom.

Go to the CyberArk case studies page to learn how they protect their privileged accounts and ssh keys.


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Whether you host your data and applications within your own organisation or you trust the cloud, Imperva have solutions to secure your data and applications.  Remember, Imperva are the 'only' leader in the latest Gartner magic quadrant for Web Application Firewalls.  Many Fortune 500 companies around the world, across most business verticals entrust Imperva.

Go to the Imperva case studies page to learn how Imperva helped these companies.

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As a regular leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM, LogRhythm are entrusted by some of the world's largest organisations to help with SIEM, logging, compliance and forensics requirements.

Go to the LogRhythm case studies page to learn how.


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Tripwire are the second largest policy and compliance solution provider in the world.  They have helped numerous companies with their compliance, configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring and log management solutions.

Go to the Tripwire case studies page to learn how Tripwire helped these companies.


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Whether you're looking to secure data on your servers, workstations, laptops or mobile devices, WinMagic are the industries greatest innovator in the encyrption space.

Go to the WinMagic case studies page to learn how they help other companies secure their data.


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i2S will in the future provide a range of case studies to walk you through how other companies  solve some complex problems.

Please check back regularly, as i2S will be adding new Case Studies all the time.


If you are looking for help on a specific subject, contact i2S now as we may be able to assist in obtaining the right information.