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AlgoSec's award winning Security Management Suite provides the perfect tools to secure, manage and ensure compliance for your network infrastructure.


AlgoSec Security Management Suite

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite delivers an automated and application-centric solution for managing complex policies across firewalls and related security infrastructure to improve both security and business agility. The AlgoSec Suite bridges traditional gaps between security, network and application teams by combining Algosec BusinessFlow®, FireFlow®and Firewall Analyzer to:

  • Reduced risk of down-time during firewall changes
  • Seamless Data centre migration
  • Automate firewall audit and compliance
  • Process firewall changes 4x faster by automating security changes
  • Identify and mitigate firewall policy risks and device misconfiguration
  • Improve performance and security with policy clean-up and optimatisation
  • Faster provisioning, maintenance and decomissioning of business applications


Security Management Suite Products

The award-winning AlgoSec Security Management Suite consists of three products: 






FireWall Analyzer


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