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 Data Centre Application Connectivity Management

AlgoSec BusinessFlow bridges the gap between application owners, security and operations teams to ensure that business applications are more effectively and securely deployed, maintained and decommissioned. Innovative, application-centric policy management decouples application connectivity requests from the underlying security infrastructure, such as firewalls and routers, to:

  • Ensure faster service delivery and improved application availability
  • Quickly react to changes in network infrastructure or application connectivity requirements
  • Improve visibility of business applications connectivity requirements
  • Deliver tighter security processes and policy


AlgoSec BusinessFlow Screenshot


Key Benefits of AlgoSec BusinessFlow:

  • Enhance visibility through a central application connectivity portal
  • Automatically translate connectivity requirements to firewall rules
  • Assess the impact of network changes on application availability
  • Ensure secure decommission of applications
  • Deliver a complete audit trail of all changes
  • Discover and map underlying rules and ACLs to applications
  • Understand risk from a business perspective
  • Accelerate data centre consolidation and cloud migration
  • Integration with existing CMDB systems


Watch the video below to learn more about AlgoSec BusinessFlow: 


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