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Security Policy Analysis and Audit

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) provides visibility of complex security policies, to streamline and automate operations and ensure network security devices are properly configured. AFA enables security and operations teams to:

  • Streamline firewall operations and improve firewall performance
  • Ensure compliance and reduce firewall audit time and costs by 80%
  • Ensure a tighter security policy for improved protection against cyber-attacks



AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer


Key Features

The award-winning AlgoSec Security Management Sutie delivers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Gain visibility of your security policy
  • Monitor and Audit all security policy changes
  • Prepare your next audit in hours, not weeks or months
  • Discover and mitigate risky firewall rules
  • Clean up and optimize firewall rulesets
  • Mitigate cyber threats with baselnie configuration compliance
  • Simplify management of next-gen firewall policies
  • Managee routers as part of your security policy


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