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Provide granular control and visibility over what support personnel are doing on your systems, whether internal, third party vendors or temporary staff.


Isolate, monitor and control privileged access to enterprise assets

In today’s collaborative environment, organizations must support a range of end-users accessing privileged accounts including third party vendors, contractors, temporary employees and more. To mitigate external and internal risks, organizations must manage and monitor privileged account sessions without impacting the end-user experience.


Detailed monitoring and recording

CyberArk Privileged Session Manager, part of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, enables organizations to isolate, monitor, record and control privileged sessions on critical systems including Unix and Windows-based systems, databases and virtual machines.  The solution acts as a jump server and single access control point, prevents malware from jumping to a target system, and records keystrokes and commands for continuous monitoring.  The resulting detailed session recordings and audit logs are used to simplify compliance audits and accelerate forensics investigations.

Enterprise-class scalability and security

Privileged Session Manager is an agentless solution designed for maximum security including tamper-proof audit logs, enforcement of monitoring and recording, and session isolation to prevent the spread of malware.  A universal connector allows organizations to extend session management to virtually any component of the IT infrastructure. The solution is built on the CyberArk Shared Technology Platform, delivering scalability, high availability and centralized management and reporting.


Privileged Session Manager Features:

  • Real-time monitoring enables security teams to track user activity and detect suspicious events in real-time
  • Searchable detailed session audit logs and video recordingsenable security teams to pinpoint the moment an incident started, understand how the incident began, and quickly assess any damage
  • Proxy-based, agentless architecture provides a single access control point and enforces monitoring and recording of all privileged activity
  • Secure proxy server creates an isolated, secure environment by separating the end user machine from the target system
  • Optional secure SSH server acts as the proxy for privileged Unix sessions, providing a native Unix user experience
  • tamper-proof digital vault stores session recordings and audit logs to prevent users from editing their activity history
  • Integrations with Enterprise Password Vault and SSH Key Manager enable organizations to mask privileged credentials from users and ensure that these credentials never reach endpoints
  • Out-of-the-box integrations combined with a Universal Connector enable organizations to protect privileged accounts on Unix and Windows systems, network devices, databases, mainframes and virtual infrastructures with minimal deployment and operational costs
  • Enterprise-class scalability and reliability ensure that the solution can meet business requirements of even the largest organizations


Privileged Session Manager Benefits:

  • Enables security teams to detect and disrupt an attack before it becomes serious by offering real-time monitoring of all privileged session activity
  • Allows security teams to remotely terminate suspicious privileged sessions and disrupt potential attacks underway
  • Accelerates incident investigation times and simplifies audits by creating fully searchable detailed session audit logs and video recordings
  • Prevents skilled users from bypassing session monitoring and eliminates their ability to turn off monitoring and recording capabilities
  • Provides a single control point to isolate privileged sessions and prevent the spread of malware from end user machines to target systems
  • Provides a native Unix experience by enabling Unix users to initiate secure, privileged sessions via CyberArk directly from the native command line
  • Prevents Prevents malicious users from altering their activities by securely storing and controlling access to all audit logs and session recordings
  • Ensures privileged passwords and SSH keys never reach end-users or their workstations, preventing any misusage or high jacking of privileged credentials
  • Integrates with enterprise platforms either out-of-the-box or using the Universal Connector, providing broad coverage across the environment and streamlining deployments
  • Supports  changing business requirements over time by offering scalable, flexible architecture



CyberArk Privileged Session Manager Datasheet

CyberArk Privileged Session Manager Datasheet

Isolate, control and monitor all privileged administrator sessions to protect your databases, virtual environments, network devices and servers from insider threats and external cyber attacks and provide proof to your auditors around privileged session activity.




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