FireEyeFireEye Information Security

FireEye is the leader at detecting and stopping the latest generation of Cyber Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats that easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses.


Zero-day Protection

FireEye provide a number of different threat protection platforms that work together to detect zero day threats.  With platforms for Network, Email, Content and Endpoint threat protection, FireEye has a solution to secure your environment.  FireEye also offer a numer of forensic solutions to help identify and resolve security incidents faster.

With both hardware and cloud based offerings, FireEye has a solution for your business.


Key Features

FireEye threat prevention products provide a number of key features and benefits, including:

  • Network Threat Prevention - Identify and blockweb-based attacks, including zero-day exploits
  • Email Security - Defends against email based threats, including spear-phishing attacks
  • Content Security - Protects file shares from hosting advanced malware
  • Endpoint Security - Protects endpoints, including those outside the corporate network
  • Forensic platforms - Network, Endpoint and Forensic Analysis series to accurately resolve incidents faster
  • Defense in depth - Platforms work synergistically to cover all aspects of your network
  • Zero-day threat detection
  • SMB to Enterprise level protection
  • Cloud based and hardware solutions



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To learn more about FireEye Threat Protection products, visit the FireEye website.