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Website downtime can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars an hour due to lost revenue and brand damage. Web attacks like SQL injection and XSS can be even more devastating, resulting in massive data breaches, customer turnover, notification costs, lawsuits, and fines.

Incapsula eliminates these costs by delivering a best-of-breed web application firewall in the cloud. As a Level 1 PCI-certified web application firewall, Incapsula offers a powerful defense against hackers and bots. And with a best-in-class content delivery network, it also accelerates website performance.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Repel web attacks with powerful bot detection and dynamic attack learning - Incapsula prevents OWASP Top 10 threats and automated attacks, ensuring your applications are safe and always accessible. Using advanced machine learning across millions of data points, Incapsula dynamically learns suspicious attributes—including attack strings, parameter values, and encoding—that statistically indicate attack. An advanced bot detection engine prevents automated threats.
  • Eliminate DDoS traffic without impacting web user experience - Incapsula scales on demand to block the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded, so that you can stop massive network DDoS attacks before they reach your network. Incapsula mitigates all types of DDoS attacks including those targeting Web applications, DNS servers, and direct to IP address attacks. With advanced application-layer protection, Incapsula inspects SSL traffic and spots low-data rate attacks and application exploits that can bypass other solutions. Plus, Incapsula caches Web content to ensure optimum performance, even when under attack. With powerful defenses against DDoS attacks, you can be assured that your applications will always be accessible.
  • Speed up application performance - Accelerate the performance of your website with a global content delivery network. Realize faster web page load times, reduced bandwidth consumption, and lower server workloads without compromising the functionality of your website. Dynamic and static caching, minification, and connection optimization all work together to improve application performance.
  • Achieve PCI compliance - If your business processes credit card data, you need to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. PCI requirement 6.6 mandates that organizations install a web application firewall or regularly review all web applications. Incapsula, a PCI-certified cloud service, provides continuous protection and helps you quickly meet PCI compliance.
  • Enforce two-factor authentication with a single click - You will be able to implement strong authentication on any web application without integration, coding, or software changes. Single-click activation lets you safeguard administrative access, protect remote access to corporate web applications, and restrict access to particular webpages. Centrally manage and control multiple logins across several websites.
  • Load balance web traffic - With layer-7 load balancing and failover, you can balance traffic across multiple web servers directly from the cloud. Load balancing allows web applications to scale beyond the capacity of a single web server without requiring a dedicated on-premise appliance. Incapsula also provides real time health monitoring to maximize availability and optimize traffic utilization.
  • Effortless deployment - Avoid purchasing and deploying dedicated DDoS, web security, or caching equipment. You can provision Incapsula as a service simply by changing your website’s DNS setting. This effortless deployment empowers you to jumpstart your web application security projects while maintaining your current internet and web hosting providers or changing your network infrastructure.


Imperva Incapsula Datasheet
Imperva Incapsula DDoS Protection Datasheet

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