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The bring-your-own cloud app trend with apps like, Dropbox, Office 365, NetSuite and hundreds of others has created a blind spot for IT that cannot be addressed by traditional perimeter security and endpoint controls. The Skyfence Cloud Gateway accurately identifies all application use and analyzes related risks. With Dynamic User and Device Fingerprinting™, organizations can also enforce controls for both cloud and data center apps to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements, and protect data. With Skyfence, users get the apps they want and IT gets the visibility and control they need.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • See and control employee use of SAAS apps:
    Skyfence SAAS Apps
    Cloud services including email, file sharing, CRM, financials and HR apps reduce costs for organizations but can introduce significant risks to critical information assets. As sensitive and business-critical data moves to the cloud, Skyfence helps organizations:
    • Discover all clouds applications and who is using them
    • Analyse application risks, monitor user activity and access to sensitive data
    • Enforce consistent policies across all applications and immediately detect and prevent attacks based on anomalous behaviour
  • Automate Cloud App Discovery:
    Skyfence App Discovery

    Skyfence discovers and catalogs all cloud apps accessed by users – both sanctioned and unsanctioned. Organizations can view summary statistics on apps, users, data volume, and overall risk. Additionally, baseline and drill-down views and powerful on-screen filtering help security managers quickly view, assess, and remediate risks.

    Additionally, numerous metrics are provided to help organizations understand the risks associated with the use of each cloud app. Risk metrics such as the status of service provider audits (e.g. SSAE 16), compliance requirements (e.g. PCI AoC) and many other critical criteria are consolidated and measured so organizations can use the risk score of each app to prioritize their app migration efforts and ensure users are safe and productive.

    The non-intrusive process does not require any installation of agents or changes to applications.

  • Understand the big picture, or dive down to the small detail:
    Skyfence Big Picture
    Skyfence Cloud Analytics give organizations the operational intelligence they need for a comprehensive evaluation of cloud risk. Skyfence Cloud Analytics goes beyond app discovery to provide detailed risk and analytics of user, app and endpoint usage while generating consistent user activity logs for your entire cloud environment. Skyfence Cloud Analytics is a scalable solution to monitor and analyze activity no matter how many services are in use and provides critical insight and intelligence into:
    • Data usage: Who viewed or modified what, when, and how often
    • Administrator activity: Including settings, permissions, and data access
    • API activity: Cloud app and services data accessed through APIs
    • And Skyfence Cloud Analytics has ready-to-go enterprise integrations that make it simple to integrate with enterprise directories, Single Sign-On providers, and market-leading SIEM solutions.
  • Prevent account-centric threats for all your apps:
    Skyfence prevent
    Skyfence Cloud Protection is a cloud app security and control solution that provides comprehensive management – including discovery, risk, analytics and policy enforcement – for all your cloud apps. As the flagship Skyfence offering, it integrates the discovery, risk and analytic capabilities of other Skyfence products with granular policy enforcement and endpoint access control.

    Skyfence Cloud Protection employs unique Dynamic User and Device Fingerprinting™ technology to quickly establish a complete and detailed profile of behavior based on the normal patterns of use for each user and department, including all the endpoints used. Any access that fails the fingerprint test can be configured to immediately alert, block or require two-factor identity verification in real-time, giving enterprises the ability to automatically enforce security policies across all their cloud services without impacting user experience or burdening IT operations staff.

  • Secure your data centre apps & enhance your WAF deployment:
    Skyfence Secure your data centre

    Just as critical to enterprises and cloud service providers are the Web apps they make available to their customers and partners. These apps may run in the company’s data center or in public cloud computing environments and are vulnerable to a growing number of account-centric threats.

    Skyfence Cloud Gateway provides the intelligence needed by organizations to act on suspicious behavior that signals an account takeover. In addition, the Skyfence Cloud Gateway provides:
    • Complete profiling of customer behavior and their endpoint devices
    • Monitoring of administrator and privileged user activity
    • Blocking access or enforcing policy in response to an account takeover
    • Deployment flexibility to support a wide variety of organizational use cases



Imperva Skyfence Brochure

Imperva Skyfence Brochure

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