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Organizations are moving applications to the cloud for greater flexibility and cost savings. But, the transition to the cloud brings significant risks that threaten to eliminate the cost savings you hoped to realize from cloud computing. You need cloud-based security to protect your cloud-based applications from attack, data theft, and fraud so you can avoid expensive breach investigation costs, downtime, and lawsuits.

SecureSphere for AWS delivers all of the benefits of the on-premise SecureSphere Web Application Firewall along with cloud computing features like auto-scaling and disaster recovery. With on-demand pricing, companies can replace up-front capital expense with low variable cost by quickly spinning SecureSphere instances up or down as they experience fluctuation in application traffic.

For comprehensive cloud security coverage, BYOL subscriptions to SecureSphere WAF for AWS include Incapsula DDoS protection and Skyfence Cloud Gateway for AWS Management Console. These three cloud security solutions provide a critical security layer for AWS applications, and form the basis of the Imperva Reference Architecture for AWS – a set of proven and tested architectural plans for AWS application security.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Safeguard AWS applications with the only enterprise-clas WAF for AWS - As the market-leading web application firewall, more organizations rely on SecureSphere to protect their critical web applications than any other solution. SecureSphere for AWS is the only enterprise-class WAF for AWS, and provides your business with a practical, highly secure solution to prevent web attacks without blocking your customers. SecureSphere incorporates patented technologies that boost web security accuracy and automate management.
  • Scale WAF security elastically with your AWS applications - 

    Extend the scalability benefits of AWS to your Web Application Firewall with SecureSphere. SecureSphere for AWS provides the same elasticity and ease-of-deployment that AWS customers have come to expect from the world’s largest public cloud. SecureSphere for AWS customers can take advantage of important AWS features like CloudFormation, Elastic Load Balancing and CloudWatch.

    • CloudFormation: provides easy deployment, scaling and elasticity. Customers can define network settings and elasticity parameters like scaling groups in different availability zones.
    • Elastic Load Balancing: balances traffic load, detects unavailable instances, and routes around them.
    • CloudWatch: detects critical issues like high CPU or bandwidth utilization, and automatically spawns new WAF instances which then register with the SecureSphere Management Server and synchronize security settings.
  • Eliminate downtime with elastic load balancing - SecureSphere integrates with Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancing to handle large traffic loads and boost uptime. Elastic Load Balancing offers fault tolerance by detecting when instances are down, automatically rerouting traffic to available instances in one Availability Zone or across multiple Availability Zones. With SecureSphere, you can take advantage of native AWS infrastructure capabilities for load balancing and Auto Scaling, which improves availability and streamlines IT operations.
  • Deploy quickly with AWS cloudformation - By supporting AWS CloudFormation, you can quickly and easily roll out and scale your SecureSphere for AWS deployment. You can define settings for auto-scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudWatch, network configuration, and more using simple JSON-based templates. With CloudFormation, you can provision SecureSphere for AWS in minutes.
  • Monitor web application firewall health - By integrating with Amazon CloudWatch, you can track the status of SecureSphere instances and view resource utilization and performance metrics. CloudWatch also detects problems like high CPU utilization and can launch new SecureSphere server instances as needed. By supporting Amazon CloudWatch, SecureSphere for AWS helps deliver a single point of visibility into the security, health and performance of your AWS deployment.
  • Defend against distributed denial of service attacks - Network and application DDoS attacks are becoming more common and getting more powerful as attackers advance their capabilities. Incapsula Website DDoS Protection delivers always-on, cloud-based DDoS protection, automatically detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks launched at websites and web applications. BYOL subscriptions to SecureSphere WAF for AWS include Incapsula Website DDoS Protection so your AWS applications don’t become the next victim.
  • Protect your AWS management console - The AWS Web management console provides access and control for all administrator activity on Amazon’s infrastructure. In the wrong hands though, it can be used to cause tremendous damage to your online business. Skyfence for AWS Management Console delivers the security, access governance controls, and monitoring you need to protect your AWS management console. BYOL subscriptions to SecureSphere WAF for AWS include Skyfence Cloud Gateway for AWS Management Console to safeguard your AWS management console from abuse.


Imperva Incapsula Datasheet
Imperva SecureSphere for AWS Datasheet

Download the Imperva Incapsula Datasheet to learn more.



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