Database Assessment
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You can’t protect against problems if you don’t know they exist. For example, organizations can be blindsided by a breach of production data copied to unmanaged testing servers. SecureSphere solves this by quickly identifying sensitive data, database vulnerabilities and misconfigurations so that you can prioritize and mitigate them. Database Assessment helps you stay out of the headlines by ensuring that database protection conforms to regulations, best practices, and a company’s internal standards.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Manage Data Risk It’s easy to prioritize database risks with SecureSphere Database Assessment. Database Assessment calculates the risk associated with each database asset by looking at data sensitivity, combined with a view of what vulnerabilities impact the data. A simple graphical dashboard with drill down capabilities supports risk-based prioritization of mitigation efforts.
  • Close the Window of Vulnerability - SecureSphere continuously protects databases from vulnerabilities, even when patches aren’t available or you’re not yet ready to deploy them. SecureSphere Database Firewall and Database Assessment work in conjunction to immediately block threats by applying virtual patches that prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. Virtual patching buys your organization time so you can patch on your own schedule.
  • Locate Sensitive Data - You can make informed decisions by locating sensitive data. Database Assessment highlights sensitive data and tracks its location down to the database object, row, and column. Object- and column-level classification enables your organization to focus on in-scope data, and build granular policies that streamline auditing and reporting.
  • Find and Manage Database Risk - Malicious insiders and hackers can easily steal data by exploiting unpatched systems and accessing accounts using default passwords or administrative rights. SecureSphere helps you reduce the chances of security breaches with assessments for database platforms and configurations. Database Assessment includes a library of more than 1500 vulnerability and misconfiguration tests along with industry standard assessment policies based on DISA, STIG, and CIS.



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