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SecureSphere Agent for Big Data helps you pass your audits and avoid hefty non-compliance fines. Big Data deployments are often difficult to protect because of the security challenges associated with their highly distributed architectures. Most Big Data auditing solutions weren’t built to scale with the high volume, velocity and variety of sensitive data stored within Big Data environments. This is where Imperva’s uniquely scalable and cost-efficient SecureSphere can help you efficiently demonstrate compliance through automated processes, audit analysis, and customizable reports across Big Data deployments. In addition, SecureSphere Agent for Big Data accelerates incident response and forensic investigation with centralized management and advanced analytics.

SecureSphere Agent for Big Data is an integral part of Imperva’s unique data center security vision of protecting applications, as well as data across all repositories, including structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and cloud. Unified policies can be applied across different data repositories, with a common easy-to-use interface.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Effective and Efficient Auditing of Big Data Activity Most Big Data auditing solutions weren't built to scale with Big Data environments. The SecureSphere Agent for Big Data is designed to avoid scalability pitfalls by monitoring activities directly from Big Data components.
  • Know when There's Trouble - High velocity data collection and access mean things happen fast with Big Data, so timing is important. SecureSphere notifies you as soon as unusual Big Data access occurs. Rest assured that your most critical data is being continuously monitored by SecureSphere.
  • Streamline Big Data Compliance - Free up IT resources and budget by automating labor intensive Big Data compliance activities with SecureSphere. Policies and reports can be quickly applied across Big Data platforms and databases allowing you to efficiently maintain and demonstrate compliance with a common, easy-to-use interface.
  • Reduce Big Data Non-Compliance Risk by Seeing All Traffic - Confidently identify and document non-compliant behavior with SecureSphere, knowing you have all the facts. Even with a high volume of Big Data traffic, SecureSphere operates like a video camera, seeing relevant activities in real-time.



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