Database Firewall
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You can’t keep your organization secure if you don’t have control over what’s happening in your database. SecureSphere Database Firewall keeps your organization out of the news with data center security that can see all traffic, reduce exposure of unpatched database servers, and stop advanced targeted attacks. Database Firewall helps you avoid expensive breaches by effectively protecting databases from attacks, data loss, and theft.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce Security Risk by Seeing All Traffic You can confidently identify suspicious behavior and perform forensic investigations with SecureSphere, knowing that you have the all the facts. Even with a high volume of database traffic, SecureSphere Database Security solutions operate like a video camera, seeing all relevant activity in real-time. Products that take periodic samples create something more like a snapshot than a video, resulting in security and evidence gaps.
  • Stop Advanced Targeted Attacks - SecureSphere provides a powerful defense against advanced targeted attacks. Conventional defenses like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and anti-virus (AV) are ineffective against these advanced attacks. Imperva integrates with leading anti-malware solutions to isolate malware-infected devices and prevent them from accessing sensitive data and applications.
  • Protect in Real-Time - Stopping attacks in real-time is the only effective way to prevent hackers from getting to your data. SecureSphere monitors database activity in real-time and analyzes database traffic, looking for attacks at the protocol and OS level, as well as unauthorized SQL activity. For added protection against sophisticated application attacks, SecureSphere offers an integrated Web Application Firewall.
  • Reduce your Windows of Exposure to Attacks - Typically, months elapse between when a database vulnerability is discovered and when it can be patched. SecureSphere Database Firewall virtual patching provides immediate protection, preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited. SecureSphere Database Assessment and Database Firewall work together to identify vulnerabilities and automatically build policies that thwart them. Virtual patching buys you time so you can apply actual patches on their own schedule.
  • Reduce Security Operations Costs - SecureSphere Database Security Dynamic Profiling saves you time by automating user behavior profiling. SecureSphere establishes a baseline of all user activity including: DML, DDL, DCL, read-only activity (SELECTs), and usage of stored procedures. SecureSphere identifies when users perform unexpected queries or violate access policies, and it alerts or blocks the access.



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