File Activity Monitor
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You can avoid compliance-related penalties by making sure your sensitive business data is protected, no matter where it’s stored. As organizations have tightened their controls on databases, auditors have been shifting focus to files. Accounting for file data that’s spread across the company doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. With Imperva, you can save time and meet compliance requirements by easily keeping track of user activity and access rights—and show auditors you’re on top of protecting your data.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • An Easier way to Meet Compliance RequirementsFile Activity Monitor simplifies the compliance process by allowing you to continuously audit file storage systems and keep a detailed record of every file access across the company, including the actions of privileged users. Show that you have tight controls in place by using predefined reports to efficiently summarize your audit data.
  • Save Tme and Improve Results with Automated Access Rights Reviews - Make sure you’re in compliance by assigning and establishing file access rights on a need-to-know basis. With SecureSphere, you can streamline the complicated access rights review process and create a repeatable workflow. Let data owners decide who should have access to files by directly involving them in rights reviews. Learn more about User Rights Management for Files.
  • Improve IT Productivity and Cut Costs - Boost the productivity of your IT staff by automating those manual tasks critical to managing file data. With File Activity Monitor, your IT organization can efficiently identify data owners, manage file access permissions, track file activity, implement ethical walls, and investigate unusual activity.
  • Know When There's Trouble - Immediately - Timing is everything. File Activity Monitor notifies you as soon as unusual file access behavior occurs. Rest assured that your most critical files are being continuously monitored by Imperva’s sophisticated, policy-based file security technology. And you can take security to the next level by blocking suspicious file access with File Firewall.
  • Save Money by Uncovering Unused Data - You can cut costs quickly by reclaiming storage space that’s taken up by unused file data. With SecureSphere, you can determine exactly which data is and isn’t being used and then efficiently archive or delete unused data 


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