Directory Services Monitor
Imperva Information Security

Real-Time Change Auditing for Microsoft Active Directory

Directory services hold the keys to the kingdom when it comes to authentication and access control throughout your organization. So it’s no surprise that directory services are the focus of hackers and auditors alike. With just one set of compromised credentials, hackers can escalate privileges, gain a foothold in your organization, and put your sensitive data in jeopardy. Directory Services Monitor effectively identifies suspicious behavior to help prevent lateral movements and shield your organization from incurring non-compliance fees.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Immediate visibility into Active Directory changes - Show auditors you’re in full control of Active Directory with a detailed audit trail of changes. With Directory Services Monitor, you have immediate visibility into all high-impact changes – such as those performed by privileged users – and the ability to report precisely what changes were made.
  • Real-time notifications put you in control - Find out immediately when suspicious changes pop up in Active Directory. Since directory services determine company data access rights, overlooking a problematic change can have serious security and compliance implications. SecureSphere’s sophisticated security policies trigger notifications in real-time so that you can quickly investigate and take care of potential issues.
  • Identify lateral movement by attackers - Uncover early warning signs of an attack by keeping close tabs on your critical IT resources. With SecureSphere, you can continuously monitor for suspicious Active Directory changes - like privilege escalations - that occur during an advanced targeted attack. Ensure that your data is safe from advanced threats that compromise directory services to navigate throughout your organization.
  • Streamline forensic investigations - Directory Services Monitor simplifies incident response by gathering all Active Directory changes in one convenient spot. Get immediate insight into your security status with interactive analytics that let you slice and dice the audit trail for thorough forensic investigations. And with SecureSphere’s flexible report templates, keeping your records up to date is that much easier.


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