User Rights Managment for Files
Imperva Information Security

To meet compliance requirements and keep your files secure, it’s critical to make sure your file data is accessed only by those with a business need. User Rights Management for Files, included with the Imperva File Security products, lets you not only streamline access rights reviews but increase their accuracy too. It allows you to establish a repeatable process for reviewing file access rights and replace costly, error-prone manual processes with an efficient, automated workflow.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Establish an efficient, repeatable process for access rights reviews - Time is money. Comply with regulations and improve your security process by making it faster and easier to perform access rights reviews on an ongoing basis. SecureSphere provides an end-to-end workflow for reviewing permissions across all of your file storage systems, and even includes data owners in the process for increased accuracy and tighter control.
  • Give auditors what they want and get the controls you need - You need to show auditors that only the right people are accessing your sensitive business data. With User Rights Management for Files, you can keep a detailed audit trail of permissions changes that’s clear and up to date. Prove your organization is in compliance with SecureSphere’s predefined reports that summarize the results of your permissions review.
  • Achieve Clean, Clear SharePoint Access Tracking and Reporting - Speed up your security investigations and demonstrate strict compliance with visibility into all activity occurring throughout your SharePoint environment. SecureSphere maintains a detailed audit trail of all data access from front-end web server to back-end database. Summarize your audit data with flexible reporting tools.
  • Actively reduce your risk - You can prevent your file data from becoming an easy target. With SecureSphere, you can ensure that your files aren’t overly accessible by uncovering dormant users and unused access rights. Lower your risk of a data breach with our powerful analytics and reporting tools that make it easier to investigate and eliminate excessive permissions.
  • Allow data owners to control file access - You can reduce risk and keep files secure by directly involving data owners in access rights reviews. It makes sense—those who know the data best determine who can access it. With SecureSphere we’ve made it easy with an intuitive portal that allows business owners to log in, make file access decisions, and submit the results directly to IT to take action.


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