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Understanding security risk on the global enterprise network is essential to comprehensive IT risk management. However, the high rate of change on enterprise networks, the constantly changing threat environment, and increased focus on internal and regulatory compliance have made this task increasingly difficult. The solution is Tripwire® IP360™, the leading vulnerability and security risk management system that enables organizations to cost-effectively measure and manage their network security risk.


Improve your security posture. Enterprise-class vulnerability and risk assessment for advanced threat protection.

  • Discover what's on your network - Maintain security of your assets. Discover every device, software and application for a comprehensive view of your network. Build effective risk management and compliance processes. We're your first line of defense for threat security.
  • Fix what matters most - Find the most important vulnerabilities fast and address them immediately. Tripwire's unique vulnerability scoring allows you to prioritize vulnerabilities, so IT security teams can quickly and effectively reduce overall network risk.
  • Connect security to the business - With Tripwire® IP360™, you're in the driver’s seat. Promote accountability, measure progress and improve operational efficiency.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Know your assets - Get comprehensive discovery and profiling of all network assets. Only Tripwire IP360 provides comprehensive host and network profiling through an agentless, non-intrusive and low bandwidth solution. Ongoing and up-to-date coverage for the latest operating systems, applications, services, and vulnerabilities, provides an ideal foundation for discovering every system on your networks
  • Immediately assess network risks - Real-time analytics delivered for instant access to host and vulnerability data. The comprehensive endpoint intelligence gathered by Tripwire IP360 can be leveraged and drive automation throughout the security ecosystem
  • Prioritise security risk - Tripwire IP360 discovers a wealth of data about the hosts that reside on your network, but rather than provide that data in an endless list like traditional solutions, Tripwire IP360 prioritizes remediation tasks, enabling users to focus on the items that will most effectively reduce risk on critical systems. This prioritization enables security teams to best use their valuable resources to reduce their highest risk
  • Protect web applications - Finally, integrated scanning that can identify security risk in web applications. Now enterprises can automatically detect critical web application vulnerabilities so security teams can focus on what’s most important. WebApp360 extends Tripwire’s market-leading security risk management platform, IP360, to include assessment of enterprise web applications, offering the industry’s most comprehensive view of IT security risk
  • Enable adaptive threat protection - Reduce overall enterprise cyber-threat risk with the integrated, automated and prioritized view of your enterprise security posture that only Tripwire can provide. Leverage vulnerability intelligence from Tripwire IP360 through the built-in integration with Tripwire® Enterprise. Enable Adaptive Threat Protection for your network and automatically adjust your security controls based on system changes and potential business impact
  • Enterprise integration - Share intelligence and business context with existing IT systems to improve threat response, maximize security coverage, and minimize operational disruption. Tripwire IP360 utilizes open standards, enabling the integration of vulnerability and risk management into existing business processes and IT systems such as help desk, asset management, and other security solutions. The comprehensive endpoint intelligence gathered by Tripwire IP360 can be leveraged to enhance existing solutions and drive automation within the security ecosystem
  • Connect security to the business - Receive flexible reporting across all levels of the enterprise. Reports are available for all audiences, from technically-focused users to executives, providing a customized view into the state of the network.Analyze host and vulnerability data for a specific scan or time frame, or compare differences between two scans on the same network
  • Flexible delivery options - Tripwire offers the most options and greatest flexibility on the market to help meet the varying needs of enterprises. Tripwire purchase and service offerings are designed to provide IT teams with choice, regardless of their financing or administrative requirements
  • Scale as you grow - With Tripwire IP360, you get enterprise scalability, ease of deployment and operational effectiveness. It includes up-to-date coverage for the latest operating systems, applications, services, and vulnerabilities. Deployment-ready physical and virtual security appliances with optional cloud-based scanning allows flexible expansion of your security solution to protect your business as it grows
  • Your datacentre or mine? - Tripwire provide a complete on-premise solution with optional cloud-based scanning for remote and perimeter networks. No matter which you choose, you’ll get the ultimate protection that enhances your productivity and reputation


Tripwire IP360 Enterprise Datasheet

Tripwire IP360 DataSheet

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