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Measuring and managing security risk reduction efforts and compliance initiatives is a constant challenge for today’s resource-limited enterprises. Integral to this challenge is tracking risk reduction over time and demonstrating compliance to executives, the board and auditors. Tripwire® Security Intelligence Hub™ (SIH) is designed to solve exactly that challenge. It provides flexible reporting designed for all enterprise audiences to measure and communicate progress over time, promote accountability and improve operational efficiency.


Improve accountability and effectiveness with automated risk reporting for all audiences.

  • Measure progress over time - Customizable dashboards provide at-a-glance information about the state of your organization’s risk status and compliance initiatives. Integrate your security and configuration audit data into security portals, applications and business processes.
  • Promote accountability - Improve accountability with reporting and analytics that measure enterprise-wide risk reduction within the context of your business. Trend data for hosts, networks, line of business and the organization as a whole. 
  • Improve operational efficiency - Audience-specific reports address a wide range of enterprise audiences including executives, auditors, IT and security groups. Automate manual report generation and distribution so the right data reaches the right people more efficiently.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Executive Reports - Tripwire® Security Intelligence Hub (SIH) gives CEOs and board members the vital information they need. Dashboards, trending and risk analysis reports—so they can connect security with business initiatives
  • Security Executive Reports - How does a CISO or CIO measure success? With business unit comparison reports and accountability reports. Tripwire SIH balances security with risk and supports a security-focused culture
  • Compliance Management Reports - Keep Audit and Compliance Managers up to speed with compliance and regulatory-specific audit reports. Tripwire SIH gives a clear picture of information security risks and controls associated with information channels to other entities
  • IT Operations Reports - Your security center needs timely information that gives IT Operations and PCI compliance staff what they need, like configuration audit and file integrity monitoring reports
  • IT Security Reports - Tripwire SIH delivers to IT Security the vulnerability and configuration audit reports that allows them to be proactive with their efforts—a clear map to help them reach their destination
  • Automated Asset Value Assignment - Automatically add appropriate rule-based asset values in even the largest of enterprises. Tripwire SIH provides an accurate picture of risk and how it impacts your business
  • Auto-Grouping - Reduce manual efforts and save time. Users can group assets based on criteria meaningful to their business, for example system ownership or organizational department
  • Granular Role-Based Access Control - Easily map existing IT security roles to Tripwire SIH using a highly granular and flexible access controls. Build a strong wall of protection around your data
  • Enterprise Integration - Integrate endpoint intelligence with your existing IT investments to reduce manual reporting and data consolidation efforts and provide context for risk analysis. Tripwire SIH integrates with asset management, IDS/IPS, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Help Desk, and other enterprise information and security systems. It provides audit-ready reporting by aggregates the detailed information provided by Tripwire IP360, Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager and PCI scan results


Tripwire Security Intelligence Hub Datasheet

Tripwire SIH DataSheet

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