WinMagicWinMagic Information Security

WinMagic Data Security provide the perfect encryption solution, whether your a home user, small business or large enterprise.  Secure your data with WinMagic Data Security.


Making it Easy to Secure Data

WinMagic have a range of solutions to secure your intellectual property using enterprise-class, government-grade AES 256-bit encryption.  

Configuratble with either single or multi factor authentication, plus centralised management, WinMagic can help secure your data.


Key Features

WinMagic provides a number of key features and benefits, including:

  • Suitable for individuals, SMB, enterprise and government
  • AES 256-bit crypto engine
  • Single or Multi Factor Authentication
  • Mobile Device Management (IOS and Android devices)
  • Support for management of Self Encrypted Drives
  • File and Folder Encryption
  • Pre-boot authentication
  • Removable and fixed media encryption


WinMagic Products:



For more information, contact i2S now to determine how WinMagic can help secure your data.  


To learn more about WinMagic, visit the WinMagic website.