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Taking advantage of the native encryption provided by Mac OS X, SecureDoc for FileVault 2 can give administrators the control they need to manage their Apple hardware. FileVault 2 enterprise management gives businesses the flexibility to choose how they want to encrypt and manage their Apple devices yet still have the ability to have all their devices managed by SES’s central management console. 


Why SecureDoc for Apple?

  • Manage OS X and iOS-based devices
  • Ensure end user productivity
  • Maximum security and transparency
  • Single security management console
  • Removable Media Encryption
  • Removable Media Container Encryption


Features at a Glance:

  • FileVault 2 Management - FileVault 2 enterprise management gives businesses the flexibility to choose how they want to encrypt and manage their Apple devices. They can leverage the full disk encryption that FileVault 2 provides as well as take advantage of removable media encryption. All of this is seamlessly managed by the SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) central management console.
  • iOS Device Management - For organizations that allow for the use of iOS-based smartphones and tablets, SecureDoc is able to manage and control the security of these devices to ensure corporate data is protected in the event of loss or theft. With SecureDoc's Mobile Device Management capabilities, administrators can enforce security policies on iOS devices forcing the use of PINs or passwords, password resets, device wipe as well as restrict features like cameras.



WinMagic SecureDoc for Apple Brochure

WinMagic SecureDoc for Apple

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