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SecureDoc for Servers and OSA (Operating System Agnostic) for Servers allows administrators to fully encrypt, secure and manage their server environments.


Features at a Glance:

  • Ideal for departmental servers
  • Support for TCG Enterprise Drives
  • Only full-disk encryption solution to offer pre-boot network authentication via PBConnex
  • FIPS 140-2 and AES validation certifcations
  • Can be centrally managed by SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES)
  • RAID Support (RAID 0 and 5 controllers supported)


Securing your infrastructure:

  • Hardware-based Encryption for Servers - SecureDoc OSA for Servers offers full support for TCG Enterprise drives allowing organisations to take advantage of this emerging hardware encryption technology.  Enterprise drives offer the best, most secure and efficient way to encrypt data on a disk
  • Security for Your Backbone - Knowing that a server has different demands placed on it versus a traditional PC, SecureDoc for Servers has been optimized to address things such as RAID arrays, Disk and Port access control, remote management, multiple-OS support and file and folder encryption.
  • Administration Made Easy - The ability to securely boot-up a server in a secure environment, where unattended reboot of a machine is common, is critical for business continuity. SecureDoc's pre-boot networking solution, PBConnex, leverages network-based resources to authenticate and enforce access controls to ensure a simple, secure reboot of a server remotely.
  • Data Lockdown - Data leakage is an ongoing concern in any business. With Port Control, the administrator can lock down a server and prevent the transfer of data to an external storage device. Alternatively, through Disk Access Control, the ability to read/write to any external media can be limited only to encrypted drives to ensure the security and integrity of the data being transferred or stored.



WinMagic SecureDoc for Servers Brochure

WinMagic SecureDoc for Servers

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