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With global knowledge and local support, i2S have extensive experience across all industries and all levels of thebusiness, including c-level management.  We can help you with specialist security and risk knowledge, including: 


  • General security consulting - i2S have a broad knowledge across all areas of security.  Whether you're looking for general advice on what security areas you should focus on, or have a specific requirement, i2S have the knowledge and experience to help you.
  • Security Architecture - Already know the type of solution you're looking for, or have a specific solution in mind?  i2S can help develop the secure architecture to ensure you make the most of your investment, without introducing new risks.
  • Management reporting - Management like to see a return on their investment, no matter what they are spending on.  i2S can help define and track the overall risk and security profile of your organisation, making it possible to demonstrate a return on your investment on security.


If you're looking for advice on your information security, then contact i2S now for a consultation.