Compliance and Audit


Ensuring compliance and preparing for audits can be an extremely time consuming and resource intensive task.  Fortunately, i2S offer a number of solutions to automate these tasks and ease the burden of compliance and audits.


Compliance and Audit Products:


AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer helps to ensure compliance and reduces firewall audit time and costs by 80% 


CyberArk Privileged Identity Manager Suite ensures you are in control of privileged accounts which is a critical factor in ensuring compliance to many industry regulations.


LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform has an extensive pre-built reports for most industry compliance regulation.

Tripwire Compliance Audit

Tripwire offers a number of products to ease the burden of compliance and audit:

  • Tripwire Enterprise - Provides real-time change and policy compliance
  • Configuration Compliance Manager - Agentless monitoring for compliance and adherence to security policy
  • PureCloud - Assess risk and automate compliance with PureCloud, cloud-based vulnerability scanning for web apps
  • IP360 - Reduce the attack surface and contribute to compliance with IP360 vulnerability scanner



For more information regarding compliance and audit solutions, contact i2S now for a consultation.